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Ephedrine is a substance that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Ephedrine was first isolated in 1887 from ephedra. For thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have safely used ma huang, which contains ephedrine. Take Ephedrine 25mg Germany

Animal and human studies have suggested a thermogenic synergism between ephedrine, a beta-agonist, and caffeine, an adenosine antagonist, which may be suitable for the treatment of obesity.

The thermogenic effect after Ephedrine 20mg + Caffeine 200mg was larger than that of any of the other combinations. In this dose ratio, ephedrine and caffeine exerted a supra-additive synergism, whereas the thermogenic effects of the other two combinations were only additive.

Diastolic blood pressure was not increased by Ephedrine 20mg + Caffeine 200mg, whereas the other combinations increased it by approximately 4 mm Hg more than placebo. Take Ephedrine 25mg Germany

To get Ephedrine+Caffeine in the optimal ratio just take 2-3 pills of ephedrine hcl 8mg (16-24mg of ephedrine) and drink 2-3 cups of espresso (200-300mg of caffeine). That is all!

Caffeine is available in tablets: Kaizen Caffeine.

You can also add 1 pill of aspirin (200mg) in this blend to make full ECA stack, but the value of adding aspirin is questionable. The vast majority of studies were in fact done on the Ephedrine+Caffeine blend and there has never been a head-to-head study done that showed the ECA combination was superior to the EC without aspirin. Take Ephedrine 25mg Germany

Ephedrine HCL 25mg Directions To Use

Take 1 tablet of 25mg as needed for energy. Do not exceed more than 3 tablets daily. Do not use without consulting with your doctor. The maximum recommended serving of ephedrine for a healthy adult is 100 mg in a 24-hour period for not more than 12 weeks. Take Ephedrine 25mg Germany

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